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easyObject is a tool allowing any web developer (even bad or lazy ones) to quickly and easily create almost any kind of web application.

Web Apps

easyObject could be compared to as a kind of framework: it's a platform (based on LAMP or WAMP) for building web apps.

Such web applications could be: an online-shop, a wiki, a blog, a CRM, a didactic library, a tool to help compose well-balanced meals, …

Each application is stored in a package located in the “packages” directory. Once in place, an application can be called through easyObject by using the URL (read about the URL mechanism for more details).

An example of such URL could be :

Object Relational Mapping

Of course, the main asset of easyObject is its underlying ORM and the related API that is offered to web apps developers.

As we try to keep things as simple as possible, the API has few methods (around 10) among which only 4 are mandatory for the developer:

  • browse : get the value of the fields of one or more objects
  • search : find objects matching some criteria
  • update : change the value of one or more objects / create a new object
  • remove : remove one or more objects

User Interface

In addition, easyObject provides developers with a nice UI based on jQuery that integrates natively the API and uses ajax calls to retrieve objects or results from other apps.

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