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easyObject is a tool, designed to be easy to get started with, which goal is to allow to ensure very easily tasks common to most web applications:
with this solution, any developer familiarised with PHP and HTML & Javascript syntaxes can write an application in minutes.
Written in PHP5 for the applicative core and jQuery for the UI, easyObject is fast, efficient, reliable and robust.

What is it?

The name "easyObject" refers to the applicative core of this solution : an ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) allowing to ensure objects persistance and handling by associating classes to the tables of a relational database.

This project originates from an approach requiring collaborative tools and:
  • is accessible to any web developer (even bad or lazy ones);
  • allows extremely quick installation and learning;
  • covers most needs common to web applications
    (handling of any kind of content, rights management, URL rewriting, logging, i18n, drafting, versioning, publishing, caching, deletion recovery).
This solution is released under open source license (GNU GPL 3.0).
Common software configuration
(PHP 5.3 +, Apache 1.3 +, MySQL 5.1+)

Basic Installation
(download, uncompress, customize config file)

Very intuitive use
3 types of operations (do, get, show)
4 methods (browse, search, update, remove)
3 languages (php, html, js/json)


A first stable will be released soon.

Help & Support

Project wiki
Project presentation (pdf, 150ko) : en - fr
User manual (pdf, 350ko) : en - fr

You have a question about how easyObject works or you are facing difficulties adapting easyObject to your needs?


easyObject is a collaborative project : your help is welcome!

In progress:

To join the team, contact Cédric

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